What can we expect in Farming Simulator 19?

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

What can we expect in Farming Simulator 19?

So what can we expect from Giants company who is developing Farming Simulator 19 right now?
The players and fans has a huge expectations for Farming Simulator 19. So We have collected some thoughts:

For FS19, I’d like the control scheme to be improved a little, to benefit the players not using some sort of gaming wheel common in car simulators.

What I mean by that is this: I play on PC, using a keyboard+mouse. Using the standard controls, I can either stomp the gas or the brake all the way (or keep both untouched), but not anywhere in between. I can either go straight, turn hard left/right, but not slightly nudge the wheel either way. And just after the turning button is released, the wheel immediately centers. This makes for a stuttered-looking driving.

As a comparison, in Euro Truck Simulator 2, if I press the button to go left, the wheel does turn left, but takes some time until it reaches full left. Similarly, if I press the brake button, it takes a couple seconds for the brakes to reach full tilt. There is also an option to steer using the mouse instead of the keyboard. It results in a somewhat slower-responding, but smoother driving despite using a keyboard.

I would like Farming Simulator 19 to remove the loading percentage from the FS 19 trailers, or to put the possibility of loading your LS19 trailer as much as you want, maybe with the risk that if it loads too much a part of the crop falls to the ground during loading of the trailer.

The Farming Simulator 19 graphics are the least of my concerns. They are perfectly fine. I’d like more gameplay elements. Farming Simulator 19 Seasons, more crops, businesses, extra ways to make income. Possibly another animal or two in Farming Simulator 2019 game. Orchards. I feel the FS19 game needs slightly more longevity in these ways rather than more tractors, trailers etc. We have loads of equipment already.

I know most of these are already on pc but as a console player, id love to see some of these added to the base game.

Farming Simulator 19 mods
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