Universal Passenger – Vehicles Of ModHub v1.0.0.0 for FS 19

Universal Passenger – Vehicles Of ModHub v1.0.0.0 for FS 19

This ‘Universal Passenger’ addon will add support to the vehicle mods listed below as found on the Official Giants ModHub page.
Note: If any of the following mods are updated to support the ‘Universal Passenger’ directly from the mod, then it will no longer be loaded from this file.

Important: This addon can only be used in conjunction with ‘Universal Passenger’.

Supported Vehicles:

– MAN TGS Flatbed [v1.0.0.0] – TSModding
– MAN TGX 26.460 6×2-4 HKL [v1.0.0.0] – Ahran Modding
– Service Pickup Pack [v1.0.0.0] – Realistic Farmers
– Scarok [v1.0.0.0] – North Modding Company
– Pickup 2014 Transport Service [v1.0.0.2] – LBDT Gaming
– MB trac 800-900 [v1.0.0.0] – Bremi456
– Man TGS AgroTruck and Kroger HKD Pack [v1.0.0.1] – Kasztan
– TGS 41.500 ITRunner [v1.0.0.0] – PM-Modding
– MAN TGX Tanker Truck [v1.1.0.0] – Tarczi007
– MAN TGS ITRunner [v1.0.1.0] – FA285634, Bart, NLD Farmers
– MAN TGX Forest Semitrailer Pack [v1.0.0.0] – HJ-Maschinenbau
– Lizard Rumbler Van Workshop [v1.0.0.0] – DD ModPassion
– John Deere T560 Pack [v1.0.0.0] – DasAlex
– JOHN DEERE 8R US Series [v1.0.0.0] – Custom Modding
– SYN TRAC [] – ImpTS
– ХТЗ-17221-21 [] – RusAgroTeh
– SX Heavy Pack [] – FA285634
– Fendt Vario 900 [] – Tom Truthan/Lukas2002
– Fendt Vario 1000 [] – Ahran Modding
– Fendt Vario 700 [] – Lukas2002/Dani-86
– Fendt 6275L [] – E.T.A La Marchoise
– Fortschritt E 281-C Pack [] – Aaa modding
– D-754 Truck Pack [] – Aaa modding
– Claas Mega Pack [] – VertexDezign, Landmensch
– CASE IH OPTUM [] – Nervtöter, Chrisi136
– AGCO Ideal [] – Ahran Modding
– John Deere 9RT Series [] – Stephan Beran, RAFAZR, Custom Modding
– 5th Wheel Hitch Pack [] – Blacksheep Modding
– Case IH Quadtrac Series [] – Steenkamp Modding

Any information about an Author or Credits. Do you know who is the author of this FS 17 mod? Please leave the details in a comment below and we will update credits asap.
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How to install Farming Simulator 2017 mods?

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