Placeable fuel tank v1.4.0.0 LS19

Placeable fuel tank v1.4.0.0 LS19

Placeable fuel tank and storage up to 10000 Liters. Price 4000. Changelog 1. Fixed triggers points 2. General tidy up and files 3. Added Seansons 4. Now works with MAN TGX TANK and HS8 Sprayer support If any more problems please post them on Giants forum. Changelog 1. Fixed triggers points more wider. 2. Fixed the name of tank. 3. Ground markings fixed 5 Slots for Console Users.

Any information about an Author or Credits. Do you know who is the author of this FS 17 mod? Please leave the details in a comment below and we will update credits asap.
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How to install Farming Simulator 2017 mods?

FS 2017 mods is the best thing if you want to easily and quickly upgrade your Farming Simulator 2017 game and enjoy the new opportunities. Lots of different choices will allow you to make lots of different decisions, which may lead you to an unexpected luck! So wait no more and click to download FS 17 mods now! Once they downloaded, you have to move them to LS 17 game mods folder, then run the game, open mod activation window activate the mod. And it's live and ready to be used! Enjoy!

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