Krebach v1.0.0.1 for LS19

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Krebach v1.0.0.1 for LS19


Straw bales can now also be introduced to the cows,
the waste from the feeders in the cows and pigs is now crap,
Fixed triggers on the shop and tank trigger on the yard,
better texture for rye (thanks Zetor6245),
the white chickens no longer have the strong urge to multiply.
One more word about “propagation grass”:
The propagation grass or grass seed cultivation is brought into the soil with a seeder and harvested with a combine harvester. (No special devices needed)
As a crop you get grass seeds (for sale), grass is deposited as a swath that can either be fed or used as a grass silage.
Furthermore, it is also possible to turn the grass-wool for the production of hay.
The grass grows again as far as one does not work the field after harvesting.
(equal to the sugar cane)

How much is it from southern France to northern Germany?
A long way.
When you arrive in Krebach, expect a card that has jump in my imagination. It is a small card where you as a single player work and relax at the same time. Of course you can play the map in the MP. A second yard can be built with the identifier “H2”.

The card contains the SCS_DE_NORD_PACK from BernieSCS. I would like to thank BernieSCS for that. I just had to build something around it.

What is there on the map?
there are 20 fields, 5 meadows,
various outlets,
a small BGA,
a complete yard with animals,
Horses at the horse farm,
Chickens with water, straw and dung
with the pigs and chickens you can bring straw bales,
You have to take water from the little pond,
2 other fruits that would be rye and propagation grass,
Sugarcane and cotton are banned from the card,
other textures for fruits,
There are plenty of forests for the tree shoppers among you,
and the reset point for vehicles is at the yard.
Still on my own: I test the map basically without mods. Therefore, no requests for faulty mods, I will not go into these. There are various forums.
Special thanks to BernieSCS, Zetor6245, McBee and Hoffi from the MW team and the team around use5t (Diego) for the great support.
Furthermore, I thank my testers Manu09, Helmut Moescheid, NurGruen, Henry of the simulacre and private private, great work from you.
Many happy hours on the map.

BernieSCS, Raptor5, pAre, Landmensch, Mappers Paradise, RWModding, Barbicha, forgotten plants
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