John Deere 8R EU 2010 FINAL v2.0 Tractors


John Deere 8R EU 2010 FINAL v2.0 Tractors

The Most Realistic John Deere tractor

What New:
– Real GPS Mod by Martin Fabík!!
– Real ILS! (Independent-Link Suspension)
– Dynamic Hoses Script (front and back)
– IC Script
– Speed Joystick Script
– Cab Controls Script
– Vibirations Script
– Add Configurations Script
– Real Physic Script
– Exhaust Script
– new Exhaust Script
– Seat Suspension Script
– Monitors Script
– Remodeled engine parts
– Remodeled Cab with proper lights
– New ladder
– New, proper Exhaust
– New halogen lights
– New, realistic 8R 2010 sounds
– New textures with John Deere® hexcode Green & Yellow
– New custom Speculars (Dirt Mask)
– Added normal maps
– Reduced zip file
– Reduced GE file
– Cleared xml file
– All lights have been scripted anew
– New wheels with new diffuses and custom specmaps
– Front weight configurations
– Motor configurations
– Wheels configurations
– Greenstar configurations
– Warning Triangle configurations
– Logo configurations
– Grill configurations
– Fenders weights configurations
– Beacon configurations
– Motor block model configurations
– Exhaust Configurations
– Warning signs configurations
– Work Lights configurations
– Reginster Plate configurations
– Mirrors configurations
– Horn configurations
– Weights style configurations
– Lights style configurations
– Wheel weights configurations
– Tools configurations
– New cab details
– Hydraulic cylinders for IC door and window
– New IC animations
– Cab details with separate lights
– Reverse lights with custom sound
– New, high quality decals
– vechicleShader: Dust and Dirt effects
– Emissive lights effect for all halogens
– IC for front Hydraulic
– New rear fenders
– New Stering column
– New attachers
– Work and Reginster plate lights on IC
– Proper tanks and ladder parts for old 8R
– PTO on IC – true animation!
– Fan with animation (IC)
– Mirrior add (IC)
– New, detalied grill with both-side textures
– Tire Tracks for all wheels Options
– Better Vibirations effect
– Vibirations: motor – separate script for every single part, Exhaust, cab, mirrors, ladder, Warning signs, beacon, window, door, light bar, lights, Starfire3000, tanks,



for original model: TechMod
for edit: JHHG Modding, Martin Fabík - Real GPS Scripts, SiiD Modding - universal specmap
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