HOF BERGMANN MAP v1.0.0.6 for LS19

HOF BERGMANN MAP v1.0.0.6 for LS19

(can be used if the file is uploaded down)

General information:
– New game state is absolutely necessary! (also for Beta4 players)
– Global Company Mod is no longer required and should be removed to ensure a smooth gameplay.
– Please read the changelog because it contains a lot of important information about the changes.

Installation notes:
– The downloaded archive “FS19_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_6.rar” must first be extracted with 7zip or Winrar.
– All mod files have to be copied into your mod folder except for the changelog text.
(Please all, too, since the latest versions of the vehicles are always included in the pack)
Required mods:
ManureHoseSystem Mod by Wopster

Optional, a better and more understandable translation for the ManureSystem Mod (must be replaced in the ManureSystemMod)

The wait is finally over!
What can you expect on the map?
A lot of love was put into the map and attention was paid to small details, it is a German-style map and is based on the Felsbrunn map.
This is still partially recognizable, but has been changed very much. There are various highly detailed productions on a scale never reached. A big thank you goes to Ifkonator who made it possible for me with the script.
Consider that it is a 1st map release who knows me knows that there will be a lot to expect in the future in the following updates.
This time the map comes as an all in one pack, which means the pack has to be unpacked first.

Contents of the pack:
– Hof Bergmann Map
– Hof Bergmann Map – BaleStorage Addon (Attention only works in SP)
– Various start vehicles
Size of the pack: approx. 650 MB
Please consider this is a 1st release of the map, despite many hours of tests, mistakes can always creep in.
Please understand that even the main game is not error-free.
For help with the map and support, use the existing support topic on the map.

You will receive hotfixes for major problems promptly.
Larger updates of the map take 1-2 months.
I would like to thank my team for the great support!
Please, consider that this is the 1. Map release for FS19 from me. and who followed me in previous FS Games knows that you can expect more things in the following updates.
The Map comes as a All In One Pack, that means you need to unpack the downloaded Folder first.

Content of the pack:
– Hof Bergmann Map
– Hof bergmann Map – Bale Storage Addon (Only workes in SP)
– Various starting vehicles
The Size of the Download Folder: 650MB
Please consider this is a first release of the map, despite many hours of testing could still have some errors.
Please understand, even the main game is not error free.
For help with the map and support, use the existing support area (Forum / Discord).

Additional information:
Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
Larger updates of the map will take 1-2 months.
I want to thank my team for all the great support

Any information about an Author or Credits. Do you know who is the author of this FS 17 mod? Please leave the details in a comment below and we will update credits asap.
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