Farming Simulator 19 vs 17 Graphics Comparison (VIDEOS)

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Farming Simulator 19 vs 17 Graphics Comparison (VIDEOS)

Some brand new screenshots of Farming Simulator 19 have come to light which means we can have a quick comparison between Farming Simulator 17 and Farming Simulator 2019

For the Farming Simulator 19, we have made many improvements to the GIANTS engine and the result is impressive. Especially in the so-called post-processing a lot has happened. The High Dynamic Range Rendering allows us to display the complete spectrum of colors simultaneously, the added Bloom will make light exposure much more realistic, thanks to SSAO all objects in the game now cast their own shadow, which is thrown realistic thanks to new light scattering technique. The sun in the new, dynamic sky now serves as the light source, and the clouds, which are now voxel-based 3D objects, reflect the light in an absolutely realistic way.

Last but not least, we also made some improvements to the surface textures. Different surfaces now not only look much more realistic, but also react differently to light and reflect, depending on the material, the light stronger or weaker.

That’s a lot of technical terms, but you’re probably wondering what the result looks like. That’s why we want to show you the first two comparative screenshots today.

All screenshots were shot at the same time of day, at the same location. We use the Estancia Lapacho as a map, which will be included in both the LS17 Platinum Edition and the LS19.

Please note: We are still in a very early alpha phase, so not all things are final in the screenshots of the LS19. As the development continues, there will be some changes.

The Farming Simulator will continue to be the Farming Simulator, of course, improved and developed, but in the end, it will not be a completely different game, and that’s not our goal. We want to expand what we have always and continue and I think honestly we have always succeeded.

Although I personally (as a freshman as we know, my first LS was the 13er) think the jump from 17s to 19s is already big, not only graphically, but the rest I can only show you much later.

Farming Simulator 19 Mods,
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