Modified in 3.1:
Fixed a warning on the buttons.

Corn Harvesters:
– Claas Orbis 600 Width: 6 meters (recommended for Jaguar 930 and 960)
– Claas Orbis 900 Width: 9 meters (recommended for Jaguar 970 and 980)

Claas Direct Disc 520 mower: 5.2 meters
Pick-up: Claas Pick Up 300: 3 meters

Claas Jaguar with engine configurations:
– Claas Jaguar 930: 462 hp
– Claas Jaguar 940: 516 hp
– Claas Jaguar 950: 585 hp
– Claas Jaguar 960: 626 hp
– Claas Jaguar 970: 775 hp
– Claas Jaguar 980: 884 hp

Features of the Claas Jaguar 900 Series in Farmer Simulator 2017:
– 6 sets of wheels and 3 tracks of caterpillars
– Selecting stickers
– Choice of design (changing the appearance of the rear plating)
– Full lighting.
– All parts are dirty and washed
– Interactive (IC)

Log without errors.

Changed 3.0:
– Improved texture, gloss and dirt
– New elements of the model
– Improved internal screen and new joystick
– New Michelin tires -> 3 types of tires (Michelin, Michelin XL, Michelin XM)
– Changed the configuration of all Trelleborg tires
– The new pipe XL.
– New configuration of the label (Agravis or Gavazzoni)
– New visual configuration (old type 496 or new type 497)
– Improved management
– Improved engine performance
– Updating sounds
– New RDA system
– New exhaust system
– Added passenger script
– Animation IC changes
– Fixed IC function descriptions.
– Visual improvement of lighting
– Changes in all header -> textures, attachment points and rotation
– Better optimization for multiplayer games. Due to problems with the optimization and texture of the Black Edition – removed.
– Other changes

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