1993 DODGE D-250 FLATBED DUALLY V1.0 LS 2017


1993 DODGE D-250 FLATBED DUALLY V1.0 LS 2017

Hi guys and gals!

Today I have a FS17 mod edit release for you of a 1993 Dodge D-250 flatbed dually! Credits goto: McLain Modding/Silver Reel Modding, Edit: Different Breed Modding. I love the old square body trucks! Let’s go check it out!

This edit was done by Rico Suave of Different Breed Modding (owner). He decided to change the 1993 Dodge D-250, to a flatbed dually. The flatbed he put on the truck, has working tension belts, that came with the flatbed. Rico wanted to make this Dodge into a working farm truck. He changed the tires on the truck, and put a tool box on it. There are color options and engine options too, which came with the original truck mod. Rico also did other visual and mechanical edits to the truck. Awesome edit Rico! Thanks

Huge thanks to Rico Suave from Different Breed Modding (owner) for allowing me to write about his edit release, and to McLain Modding/Silver Reel Modding for allowing Rico permission to release his mod.

Something I must talk about shortly, is the “LEAKING” of modders, mods. Really?? Come on guys and gals, whoever does that is wrong, that’s taking from someone else. Over what? Petty arguments, that turn into craziness! Those modders put alot of work and time into making the mods, that get “LEAKED”. This whole revenge thing is very petty and affects awesome people/modders, which causes them to not want to mod anymore or go private. It’s a very toxic situation. Just sayin’! RESPECT the Modder!

Stay tuned guys and gals, I have more to come! Enjoy your FS17 mod edit, 1993 Dodge D-250 flatbed dually! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders!

Different Breed Modding
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